New Ricoh GR user from Holland


The GR does not replace my Pentax K-5 kit but supplements it. I have been shooting Pentax DSLRs for the past 7 years, film for the 35 years before that. I specialize in land/city-scapes, architecture and close-up work. I stink at portraits or anything involving living, breathing stuff even if they are my own kids:biggrin:

I have some stuff over at Flickr ( as well as my own website at and I sometimes blog a little bit about PP techniques at

I have been an open-source user and contributor for the last 14 years and I make extensive use of scripting to write my own raw workflows but also use a lot of image editing software with graphical user interfaces. Hope to have fun and learn here!


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Welcome from Rotterdam!
Loved the processing on those shots you posted in the Ricoh GR thread - and the compositions were great too! :thumbsup:


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Mike, a belated welcome! I've just begun to look at your Flickrstream and am bowled over by the beauty of those cloud covered views of Innsbruck and that one at Aalsmeer! I look forward to catching up with you here and on your other sites.

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