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Aug 3, 2014
Just joined as I am picking up a 3 week old RX100 mk1 tomorrow

Have gradually downsized from a Nikon D90 (with fast glass) to a Nikon V1 (had the 18.5mm f1.8) and have now finally landed at the RX100

This is my only camera but am hoping that I'll be able to capture my young family growing up with it.

I found that even with the V1 being quite small, It still needed a bag so I was less inclined to take it places. Hopefully with the rx100 being pocketable I will take it with me more often

Anyone got any tips for capturing fast moving children?

I'll probably stick in shutter priority mode for most images and experiment with different settings when I can

Is the AF of the rx100 good enough ?


Nov 30, 2013
While I love my RX100, I feel that it is a camera that you have to work with to get the best results. The focusing is fast enough for most situations with kids (but not sports), however the camera picks really really low shutter speeds. It would have been nice if they had included a kids mode, but all we get is "pets" which is ok, but you will still get motion blur as it seems ok with 1/100th. Sports mode forces you into AF-C which is less accurate than AF-S+Tracking but it does choose faster shutter speeds. Probably the best way to shoot kids is in shutter priority or using program mode and using the rear dial to get fast shutter speeds. Also watch the lens at wide angle, the edges are pretty rough and do funny stuff to faces.

That said, when you nail a shot, the IQ is really great, up there with my M43 gear. The sensor is fantastic, I think its on par with my E-PM2.


Feb 1, 2013
Marlow, UK
I think this is good advice. I would stick with shutter priority mode for kids and then just keep an eye on the aperture and ISO values being set by the camera, I limit my RX100 to a maximum auto-ISO of 1600 as it gets a bit ugly for my taste after that.

I also have Auto Review turned off, so I can shoot away at my own speed without interruption (the slight downside there is that anyone else using the camera can get the impression that it's not taking pictures properly)



Aug 7, 2014
for fast-moving subjects I have used my Nikon D610 with the Shutter set to stay above 1/500 or 1/250, let the camera alter ISO and f-stop to suit.

just got the RX100M3 so have not used it for that yet - but I'd try to replicate the above

I hate to tell you tho, but the V1 is maybe the best small camera for fast moving subjects

back in the late Holocene, we were able to capture speeding race cars on film with no AF-S and no motor drives, so you can also set it all up for a certain spot - when they run thru that spot fire the shutter

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