New SC member looking for friends / mentors.


Hey guys! Just want to say hi to all of you fellow shooters!
It's summer where I am right now and since this is the watering hole, let me share this...

Cheers everyone!


Thanks @bilzmale and @Luke!

I'm a hobbyist photographer and used to have a Nikon D90 camera. Had it for a few years then sold it because I needed the funds. I always wanted to buy a camera again but felt that a DSLR, even the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras too bulky and I'll end up leaving it at home. I've been looking at the new compact cameras for quite a bit and just pulled the trigger and purchased the RX100V.

Oh also, yes, I did enjoy the Heineken with citrus. First time I tried it and will surely be doing it again! Haha!

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