Sony New Sony Rx100 V is showing banding in videos


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Dec 28, 2012
Hey all,

Just got myself a new Sony Rx100 V for an upcoming trip. Took it out this weekend to a family event and took some video. I literally opened the box up in the morning, threw on the lcd protector and ran out the door. Everything was default setting. When I went to review on my computer, there was banding in all the videos and it looked all kinda crappy with kinda "smudgy" color areas on top of the banding. It also seemed to be flickering.

(Man.. it was hard to even find the video but that's another story.)

I found the mp4 videos in private>mp4root>clip and I found mp4 videos. Is that correct? I thought videos were saved in a different format (MTS?) but all the MTS videos I found were from 2015. I assume this is some sort of default videos or something?

Anyone else find this with their videos? Is there a setting I need to toggle? Or is this a candidate for a return?

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