Fuji New Technology for the X100s and X20


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So if I get this correctly, the "Lens Modulation Optimiser" is an algorithm created by calculating the property of the glass in each camera, which "sweetens" the signal received by the sensor. It's not the optical property of the camera/lens combo which results in sharper images, but an algorithm on a chip. In other words its a "lens profile correction" in camera. Hmm... I wonder if I can turn it off.

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It's all very intriguing, and raises my interest even more in these Fuji cameras. I have my Fuji GS645S medium format film camera sitting here on the desk in front of me, and I'm thinking "Fuji has always found its own path, and in doing so come up with some very interesting products.

Even if the Mamiya 6 is really the medium format film rangefinder that I want.

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