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Hi All,

I just picked up a gently used x20 last week and it seems like a real fun camera to use. I have only been using it is the SR+ mode, but would like to get off the mode. Can anyone recommend some optimal all around settings for the camera? I'd like to configure the C1 & C2 dial modes for black and white & color... Any help would be awesome.
So over the holiday break, I played around with different settings for the camera. What I ended up with was customizing the C1 & C2 for Color & BW. I also noticed a hit n miss on the jpeg quality, so I have gone to using raw. When I didn't want to fuss with settings, I just put the camera on SR+ and had fun. I will be post soon as I am still going through the set of images I took... thx for the warm welcome!
Update - I sold my X20 back in Feb.. now I find myself in a bidding war on Ebay for another x20.. I just missed this all in one! For the days that I don't want to carry all my gear! Crossing my fingers!

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