Nikon Showcase New to me AF 28/2.8

William Lewis

Hayward WI
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William Lewis
So due to some generosity that I was blessed with, I have a Nikkor AF 28/2.8. Now, my cheapie D3200 can't AF that lens but OTOH, there is so little focus needed on a 28mm lens even as a 40mm equiv on a DX sensor that I'm not much bothered by that. I mounted it on a drive home this morning and stopped and snapped two images from the same location but with the 28/2.8 and the 35/1.8.



Jpg OOC, I'll play with the NEF later. Good reminder of the usefulness of a hood though :) Otherwise, a decent lens and well worth the price from my point of view. It does remind me that I could use a 24 or even 20 as a wide on DX but the costs of such are, alas, prohibitive.

It'll also be fun to see how the 28 acts on my film body but that isn't quite as quick and easy to put up online :rofl:
Looks good to me!

And good to remember that the early AF lenses will meter properly, and the camera can control aperture on the lens even on the Nikon cameras without internal autofocus motors.

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