Fuji New to the XF1 - now X30..gone..now X100T..gone. I’m back


Thought I'd pop in and say hi. Just got a XF1 so have been busy on a learning curve. The reason I got one was that I got fed up of lugging a d3100, d7000 and 5 lenses around so the d3100 and 2 lenses were sold and I thought I'd try this little camera.

I wasn't expecting much from it, given the price but I'm very pleased. So here's a few of mine so far


rape at the windmill by damianmkv, on Flickr


view from the tower by damianmkv, on Flickr

Even tried some panning....


AMG by damianmkv, on Flickr


smoking pot by damianmkv, on Flickr


the borrowers by damianmkv, on Flickr

Am already wondering about the rx100 though :)
My wife and I each have one and they are really nice little Happy Snap cameras. The 25mm lens is terrific. The only issue that I've had with it so far is that the Auto white balance isn't great under some lighting conditions. It's easy enough to fix, though. these things were $199 at Christmas and well worth the money.
I just got one too today, to replace an X10. The only negative of the X10 was autofocus, and the XF1 is better. I also preferred the form factor of the XF1, amazing to me considering it has the same EXR sensor with great dynamic range (I learned to leave the X10 in 6 MP/DR400 by default.) I think the slower aperture at the longer end won't be too big of a problem, if I stick to wider angles in lower light when possible.

In the huge XF1 thread here I noticed some complaints about slow shutter speeds being selected in P/Auto ISO mode. I am noticing this too, however I am hoping that using one of the 'Motion' IS modes will help. With still objects it's not hard to get sharp photos even with the slower shutter speeds, that is fine if the camera adjusts appropriately when it detects motion in the frame (as it's supposed to.)
What is the problem with X10 autofocus?

I have the same complaint with slow shutter speed on the F660 - the stabilisation is simply not effective - this supposedly kicks in by using Auto EXR but then chooses very high iso which is rather pointless IMO
It's not horrible, just not as fast and reliable as I would like.

It was sometimes a problem for me with moving/action shots. I liked the camera enough that I was willing to work with it, but found the smaller size of the XF1 appealing. I would not have switched though had the XF1 used a different or smaller sensor. In that respect I loved the X10. I also loved the manual zoom ring, which of course the XF1 also has!