Leica New Voigtlander/Cosina 50mm F2 APO Lanthar in M-Mount announced.

Okay, Voigtlander is just knocking them out of the park these days.

No sooner than the V2 M-Mount 50/1.5 Nokton comes out, they do this to me...

50mm F2 APO lens, floating element, 4 ASPH surfaces, and classic Cosina Styling. My first SLR is a Argus/Cosina STL1000 with 50/1.8 Cosinon lens. Knurling on the new APO lens is like my Cosinon... I have half the money sitting in Paypal from selling a pair of lenses.

49mm Filters, like my Cosinon and Pentax 85/4.5 Ultra-Achromat. At $999, this new lens is about 1/2 the price of the Pentax in 1970 and about 1/6th the price of the Leica APO-Summicron.

Lanthar is an old trade name of Voigtlander for APO lenses. Cosina Voigtlander has used this name for the newer 90/3.5 APO-Lanthar in LTM. Making a faster lens with a shorter focal length is hard.

I have lenses of all types for my Leica cameras. Everything from a $9 Industar-26m that I spent hours getting "just right" on the M9, to using the Ultra-Achromatic Pentax on the M-Monochrom. The new Nokton is impressive, more elements, special glass, and aspheric optics. Bought it for the rendering and to match my 1934 Sonnar for styling.
It's been a long time since buying a lens to be sharp- will report back when mine is received.


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Weight: 288 grams.

Compared to Heliar's 187 grams, not too bad!

I was expecting a much heavier lens.

However, I refuse to believe that it will be rendering as nicely as the Heliar (5 elements in 3 groups). But in the case it does, it's a true performer, an outstanding achievement. (More) Medium format look in small frame photography.

I guess many will be wondering how this lens will compete against Zeiss ZM 50 Planar (230 grams). A lens that many consider equal to Leica 50 APO but very lifeless, characterless.
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I have a lot of lenses, and love the Sonnar- especially for rendering.

I also buy some lenses because I am intrigued by the Optical Design, but to a price-point. This lens for under $1000- just wow.
I have one lens that cost $40K to manufacture over 35 years ago. Makes Leica look cheap. It used specially formulated Invar for the barrel.

For 42 years I've worked at a place where the boss's boss's boss makes statements like "Just make it out of Invar"...

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I followed your link thinking "oh, it's safe, that's only for M mount".

Then I saw the Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4 SLIIS AIS. Chrome trim no less. My wallet started whimpering. Not something for anytime soon (if I had that money, I'd be getting a D750 for Christmas) but it was a good reminder to see their SLR lenses are still going too.

I'll look forward to seeing your work with the Lanthar while I keep enjoying my 45/2.8 P in the meantime :)

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