Leica New Voigtlander Lens: Ultron 75mm F1.9


This new lens looks not like a Sonnar - it is rather a modern type of lens.
- I have a 75mm Summarit-M, has a 6-element, 4-group double Gauss design also featuring anomalous partial dispersion plus it has high refractive index elements. I really like it. I use it mostly very wide open at f2.5. It is modern. But portraits do not look 'flat' because of the thin focal plane.
The new 1.9/ 75mm VM lens to me is also a double gauss, with two elements instead of a true symmetrical one in front of the doublets. This doubling in front is found a lot. The front element is nicely large, often the two min groups have the same size.

A new 'Sonnar' design would be nice, but then the rear elements would have to be three elements in one group, the specialty of the group being a design where if i remember correctly it has intermittent over- and under correction in the three elements, the whole being pleasing in having an extended focal plane sort of but also giving some focal drift when changing the aperture.

The sample images look nice. The images have a bokeh that fits in with my favourite 85mm - the J-9. I see no CA on the leaf by the water - I think that is very promissing.


Product of the Fifties

Sonnar layout.
MC & SC.

For my tastes, it looks fantastic.
The diagram they have is for a Double-Gauss with the front element of a 1-2-2-1 formula split into 2 elements of lower power. This is the same layout as the 1959 Nikkor-S 5.8cm F1.4. Roger Hicks spoke very highly of the Nikkor, I've had one for 20 years now. Very unique rendering in the Nikon world.

The Jupiter-9 is a 1-3-3 Sonnar, 7 elements in 3 groups. Common designs: There are also 1-3-2 (6 in 3) Sonnars, 1-3-1 (5 in 3), and 1-2-1 (4 in 3) Sonnars. There are some unusual ones as well.
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