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With our recent site upgrades in place there is a new weekly email digest coming for our community members. The new email is a weekly summary of new discussions here at Cameraderie and a summary of discussions with recent replies. Below you will find screen shots showing what the email will look like and how to unsubscribe (opt out).

The email coming in your inbox will be titled "What's New at Cameraderie!📷" and the sender will be "Cameraderie" using the email address "".


The content of the email is a simple text listing of links to the discussion threads with some basic information about the thread.

There are no ads or other annoying items in the email, just a quick summary of activity at Cameraderie for the week that you may have missed.


To unsubscribe from receiving the weekly alert you have a few different methods of doing that. Your personal account preferences for emails can be changed by visiting

You could choose to unsubscribe from all Cameraderie emails by turning off the "Receive news and update emails" on your preferences page.​
You could choose to unsubscribe from just the weekly email by changing the "Receive Email Digest" to "None". The default is "Weekly" so if you don't see any option selected in your preferences then it means that you'll be receiving the email at the default setting.​

Links to these options are also readily available at the bottom of each email.

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Thanks Kevin although I won't need that as someone who doesn't wait longer than 48 hours before checking in (that's a good thing right?).

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