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But, then I think the X-E3(which will offer similar controls to the X-T10 in a body that's a little more compact than the current model) is the one to wait for once it's been on the market for a few months. I'm thinking it will have the updated sensor from the X-Pro2?

Do we know that there will, in fact, be an X-E3? Rico indicated on this site only a month or so ago that the jury was very much out on this question.
I tried the X-T10, and the AF is insanely quick. Only problem is that the camera felt unbalanced with my lens of choice - the 23mm lens. It wasn't really comfortable to hold on to as well, since I found it a little too 'narrow'. That's why after some testing I've decided to get an X-T1 instead :)


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I think the optional handgrip will restore the balance, like with all my other X cameras. I have yet to find a Fuji camera that I find truly usable w/o an handgrip.
I won't be able to put through any serious testing today. Initial impressions are, I love it. The grip design and button layout/controls are much more to my liking than the X-T1. Not the the X-T1 is bad, but this works much better for me. The AF is very fast. And locks very quickly on dark subjects in low light. I tested on my brown/black cat, backlit by window light, with room lights off. The EVF and rear LCD are great. If you do not need the weather sealing, larger EVF, and/or larger size of the XT-1, then this is the camera to get. For people with larger hands, a RRS plate or battery grip will balance things out. Fuji really hit a home run with the X-T10.

Also I wanted to add, I am glad the sd card goes in the battery compartment. At least until Fuji makes a better door implementation for the X-T1. I constantly remove the door when taking the card out, which is a serious rectal pain for people with short fat fingers. I hate having to put the door back on.
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that is just damned pretty. put a 16mp bayer sensor in there and i'll buy 2! good luck with it!

btw, this combo doesnt look much bigger than an x100 series. is that about right?
I'll second that! I've had X-M1 and X-A1 and much preferred the Bayer sensored X-A1. What chance an X-T10 with a Bayer sensor? Zero squared I imagine..... Shame.

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