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At the suggestion of Will from Photo Village, I put a small mark in the middle of the rear, (I think), lens on the external viewfinder I had on my E-P1 that I used with the 17mm lens. I guess I had better pick up a new fine point Sharpie the next time we make a Walmart run. We'll hope for a focus point on the OVF rear lens. Otherwise it'll be another low-tech fix as described. Interesting.
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BB - Thanks for the link. The ISO800 JPEGS look good. Some, well, interesting compositions. :rolleyes:
I'm still wrestling with the term "point and shoot" when used in relation to the X10. My F550 is a point and shoot. It's difficult for me to invision them in the same class.
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Luminous Landscapes has put up their Field Report. Of course you all that already have the camera know what you think.:biggrin:
While Kodak lost the plot a long time ago, Fujifilm in recent years has continued to produce some very nice small-sensor cameras. But its DSLR sourcing relationship with Nikon evaporated some five years ago leaving a vacuum for the company at the high end of the market.

Then last year they released the X-100, and all of sudden Fuji seemed to get their mojo back. The X-100 has been a huge hit for them. Beautiful build quality, innovative technology, and fantastic image quality. A get-back-on-the-horse trifecta for any photographic company. Now Fuji has dropped the other shoe (sorry for all the metaphors) and as of late October, 2012 has started shipping the X10...
You'll have to read the rest over there at Luminous Landscapes:Fuji X10 First Impressions :thumbsup:
'Just a note to folks with Amazon orders for the X10. My wife just noticed that Amazon deposited the payment we had paid for the X10 this morning. Order was placed October 10th. Hmmm, must be shipping time very soon. :biggrin:
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Great minds must react a like, PeAK. :biggrin: Welcome to Serious Compacts!

Thanks for the welcome!!!

I would recommend anyone (manufacturers included) to read through Michael's profound
insight into the design aesthetic of an optimal compact camera detailed over the 3 years
covering the evolution of the Canon G series cameras. From his reviews and the subsequent
releases of the updated models, you might conclude that he had a big influence in the G12 that you
see today representings Canon's present take on these cameras:

Have a look at the G7(2006),G9(2007),
G10(2008) and G11/G12(2009) reviews to appreciate the fully appreciate his latest Fuji review.

Here's a quote from 2006:

"...It appears that pocket-sized digicams with the features that I want – high build quality, optical viewfinder, decent zoom range, relatively fast aperture, good image quality at ISO 400, and raw mode, simply doesn't exits."

now fast forward to the review at hand:

"I'm sure that raws from a good raw processor and then sharpened to taste will be fine. As far as noise goes, there is none to speak of up to ISO 800, at which point it's visible on-screen at 100%, but hardly in prints. Even 3200, as seen below, is fine."

Michael, Herb Keppler would have been proud to have you take over his column,


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Just came across Jim Radcliffe's blog Fuji X10 Photography by Jim Radcliffe thanks to a thread on dpreview X10 Sample shots... more on my website....: Fujifilm Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review I have to say that he's got some very nice photographs and appears to continue to add to them.

Here's an excerpt:
But It Has A Small Sensor

So what? Yes, the sensor in the X10 is small but not all that small. You'll do fine with prints from the X10 and be honest, how much do you really print? The X10 sensor offers some capabilities I have not begun to explore. Its simple outward appearance is misleading. It comes with more than a few extraordinary features.

Happy reading and looking.:)

The more I see here and elsewhere, the more I like.

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