New Year's resolution: I give up!

Sep 8, 2010
London UK
I have a DSLR. It was a FF 6D but was too heavy so I replaced it with a 700D and have just 2 lenses. Tamron 17-50 f2.8 and a 50mm f2.5 macro Canon lens and I have absolutely no desire to add to the pot. With the spare cash I bought a Pany GX7 which was bought to replace the GF1. I still use the GF1 as I love it so much. I remember a few years ago someone asked (It may have been me!) that if you could have just one camera or camera and one lens, what would it be. I chose the GF1 and 20mm f1.7. The GX7 and Olympus 17mm f1.8 are my fave combo at the moment and I'm slowly getting rid of lenses that I really don't need.

Less is more as they say and I certainly need less! One thing I really hate is sitting there trying to choose a camera to take away with me when we go away from home. I really need to have one 'main' camera and a decent compact for those times when I'm buzzing about and need to travel light. My head says sell the DSLR but my heart says keep it! I may have to flip a coin on this one!! LOL. THe GX7 is a keeper and I am finding the IQ to be damn close to the 700D! So perhaps I just don't need the 700D!?!?

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