Sony Nex-3 autofocus


Nov 12, 2010

Hi all, Just bought the excellent little nex-3 with kit zoom.
Is there anyway of turning off the continous hunting of the focus? I am in stills mode btw not video. It's not too much of a prob as it's quite quick to focus, but I would like to turn it off. I have updated firmware and been through instructions ect...but no joy.
Cheers all


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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
I'll take a look at the camera when I get home tonight. But what do you exactly mean by continuous hunting? Like continuous auto focus (i.e. AFS v. AFC)?


Nov 12, 2010
Hi, it focuses on it's own what ever I point at without the need to half press shutter I have it set to AF-S. Thanks

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