Expired NEX-5 16mm lens wanted; will trade for 18-55

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I got an NEX-5k as a birthday gift from my father - a very nice birthday gift. The 18-55 is a bit too big for me to carry around, although it is a very nice lens; I'd be willing to trade for the less-expensive 16mm, if anyone is looking for a bigger/faster lens ... I'm in Northern California but work a block away from a UPS store and can ship anywhere.

Thanks for the welcome. Lots of good advice here and while I'm not sure I will have a lot to contribute, there is certainly plenty for me to learn and read about this new smaller format camera here. Thank you!

And thanks for moving the post for me - I guess I wasn't sure if NEX users would see it here in the marketplace, I should have read the guidelines. I will do that now.
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