Sony NEX 5 and SLR Magic 35mm 1.7 lens


Sunny Frimley
Got this lens a couple of weeks ago and have been playing with it a little bit. It's tiny and comes in the box the size of a light bulb (UK anyway!) I haven't been able to test it out much as the days have been gloomy and snowy and it's been hibernating weather :frown: It's bokeh changes at various apertures and I hope to be able to take some more interesting pictures in due course. This is a high iso from the NEX but I actually focussed on the pinpoints of light in the bauble.



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Very cool, Christina, and I think that black and white was an excellent choice! I think you and the NEX are a match made in heaven. Kevin AKA summerki should see this one - I'm sure he'll like it and lust after that lens, as well.:biggrin:

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