Sony NEX 5N vs NEX 5 operational questions


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i've been seriously considering the NEX5N and have read multiple NEX5 reviews. certain operational complaints keep surfacing and my question is, does the NEX5N work the same way or have things changed?

here are quotes from users

manual focus: "When the camera can't auto-focus, you can't focus manually"

panorama: "you have to select the panorama mode, then go back in the menu, select "camera", enter "panorama direction" and finally select the direction desired"

histogram: "if you have the live histogram displayed on screen, and you then activate exposure compensation, the histogram disappears until you've finished adjusting exposure"

HDR: "I shoot RAW, so first I have to go in the image size menu, then quality and select JPEG. Then go back in the menu, then brightness/color, then DRO/Auto HDR and finally select HDR"

HDR: "You find yourself in a situation where you want to use the camera's remarkable HDR capability (see below). You press Menu / Brightness - Color / scroll five clicks to DRO - Auto HDR, press Select, scroll several clicks (it's a circle) to Auto HDR, press the Option button, scroll the wheel to select the number of stops of compensation needed, and then press Select. Whew.

Got that? OK. Now, when you want to turn HDR off you have to go through most of that again"