Sony NEX 7 and some very nifty fifties...


Took some shots of the nephew this week. Ended up using my NEX-7 for most of these as the EP-1 is acting up on me at the moment. I actually prefer the EP-1 for most my legacy glass because of IBIS, but I'm learning that the Sony is really pretty amazing.

I haven't really shot much and have gotten my mitts on some substantial glass, so this was a great way to test it out.

I had a trio of 50-ish lenses. I would say these are three of the best I've ever used (and I've used a lot!).

The Sony 50mm f/1.8 got some initial flack for not being super sharp. Besides being wrong (sharp in the center from wide-open), it has a rendition and tone I've not seen in any modern lens I've used. Just gorgeous in about every imaginable way. It is a bit of a beast (bigger than even the 57mm mentioned below), but it's got great stabilization and fast, silent focusing. For the price it's a steal.

Not much to say about the Zeiss except it is sharp, sharp, sharp (sharp!). Clinical, unforgiving. Contrast is impossibly high, bokeh is acceptable. Tremendous (if a bit cold) color right out of the camera.

Finally, the Konica 57mm f/1.2. Yes, this lens lives up to the lofty status bestowed on it. Get one if you can. It's a dream in every way. An absolute BEAST weight-wise, and built more like an industrial doorstop than any kind of photographic device, but man. The bokeh. It is beyond excellent. Dreamy, but tack sharp at focus at f/1.2. You've got about an inch of sharpness at portrait range. You're going to have a lot of OOF shots, just so you know. I took about 120 to get 12, but those 12 were stunning. I did very little PP on any of the 57mm shots, except to correct for exposure and add contrast. Also, the color it gives is tremendous. I actually had to REDUCE the color saturation in the first picture, if you can believe that.

1) Konica 57mm f/1.2 (note: I did use about +20 clarity with the exposure brush in LR for his eyes on this one. They were in focus, but just barely. The pic was too adorable to not use technology!)

2) Konica 57mm f/1.2

3) Konica 57mm f/1.2

Sony 50mm f/1.8 OIS

5) C/Y Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.7 AEJ

6) 18-55mm Sony kitlens

7) 50mm f/1.7 Zeiss

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