Sony NEX about to get a firmware update!


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Yes, with Sigma 105mm, Nikon 50mm, and 35mm CCTV lenses. I prefer AF but I love the results with the three I just mentioned. It's kind of hard with the 105mm, though, because it doesn't balance well on the little NEX.


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Peaking is great. I love this feature on my semi-pro camcorder - it allows you to focus precisely where you want without squinting too much or using magnified view. If they indeed release this firmware update, I may buy a NEX with the sole intention of using it with my legacy glass. Think of it as a live view equivalent of rangefinder focusing.
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The magnified view on the NEX i find to be superb and it's helped by the decent quality rear screen. Voigtlander lenses are great as they are small and light and feel nice on the NEX.

I'm all updated with the new firmware so thanks for the link!

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you should be able to figure it out...
Still the rumor stage, but rumor with screenshots, or manual shots, or something. So perhaps its close. It doesn't look like its going to add that much, but if you're focussing manually a lot, I suppose the peaking could be a very useful feature.