Sony Nex UWA question.


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My adapter arrives soon. So, in my mind, the adapter should fit the 18-55 as it's the same as the 16mm. What does it do on that lens.
I know it's corrected for the 16 but, hey... Ya gotta try things to find out what happens...
It could be an interesting result.
Anyone try this yet?


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No sir! It converts the 16 (24 FOV) into an 18mm FOV.
So, it should then convert the zoomie to around a
20mm - 60mm actual FOV. Dunno?

That would give you a 20-80 on the zoomie with/without the adapter.

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you should be able to figure it out...
Not the same as the fisheye - attaches the same way but pairs with the 16 to create something like a 12 - or the same as the 9 in the m43 9-18.

It plays hell on the kit lens - here it is wide open, at 35mm, and fully extended - you could say its not optimized, but that would be understatement:

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