Fuji Next version gets a new lens?

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At high iso, I do see less color noise natively in the X-Trans raw files than I do in those from my E-M5, but I've never worried much about color noise, as any competent raw converter should be able to get rid of it. And in fact I almost never use luminance NR either, preferring a bit more grit and detail to the mush NR so often makes, or to the artifacts NR plus sharpening produces. At 3200, I find the raw files from both cameras perfectly acceptable, something I can work with, in other words, though it is undeniable that the character of the files are different. Some have much stronger preferences one way or another than I do. But even though I can use the X-Pro to 6400 and get a good shot, I usually use the E-M5 in low light for its greater responsiveness.

But I am a big fan of Foveon and the DP2 Merrill, too, so take it from whence it comes.

As for the lens of the OP, to reference a line from Priscella Queen of the Desert, "If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: No More F --ing Zoom Lenses" (Abba, in the original)
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oh, ive always been a fan of foveon. it has limitations which are obvious to the naked eye, but also advantages that are equally obvious. my issues with foveon stem from the hardware in which it is encased. with fuji its the reverse. i love the hardware but i just dont see any such 'naked eye' advantage to xtrans.

anyway i'll keep hoping for a back to the future sensored fuji.


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Personally, I'm not entirely unhappy with the level of fine detail I can extract from X-Trans II and even Lightroom. Taken earlier today:

View attachment 24747RP020108 – LR by Rico Pfirstinger, on Flickr

Obviously, the next sensor generation will deliver more resolution in order to match extraordinary lenses like the 16mm, 90mm or 50-140mm.

As for Foveon, I only own three Sigma cameras using this sensor, and my experience is limited compared to X-Trans II, but I am still quite convinced that Foveon isn't for the faint of heart and pretty tricky to master.


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I am still a fan of the original X100 and its 12 MP Bayer sensor. This sensor was already (almost) ISOless, and Lightroom is perfectly adapted to it based on the history of its RAW conversion engine. So Lightroom will deliver that "film like" look with the X100, as long as you know how to color grade it.

I used the original X100 for small reportage projects like documenting life in a township in Cape Town or shooting surgery on my little horse. It's silent, it's small, it works. That said, the X100T is just as small and works much better from a usability standpoint as Fuji decided to listen to their users.

DSCF4871 – Lightroom
by Rico Pfirstinger, on Flickr

by Rico Pfirstinger, on Flickr
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For me, the perfect lens for the next iteration would be a 18/1.7 (28mm equivalent) with the barrel slightly longer (although shorter than with the current WCL-X100 attached) so that they can make the MF ring slightly wider and also add a distance scale to the lens. A 23/1.7 would be fine too as described above with the wider MF ring and distance scale but personally, I prefer 28mm over 35mm.

And please, make it weather resistant not only for shooting in wet conditions but also to seal out dust.

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