Sony Nice 1/2 case without spending a 1/4 of what the camera cost me !


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Apr 11, 2014
Thanks to "Aperture" (London) i managed to pick up a almost un used mint RX100 today at a great price.
I do find it SMALL...! and would like to add either a good grip or a 1/2 case etc to give me "something to hang onto" !
no question i love the camera and can't wait to get onto the streets with it

don't wish to ruin it with one of the nasty PU "leather Ebay cases. Need to source something for about £20 max as i believe in keeping it real and not going nuts!

Also..3rd party batteries and chargers. I think the idea of that silly little door you plug the charge lead into is messy and will break........ so how about these battery /chargers sold on ebay ??? i prefer to remove a battery to charge it and like to carry a spare battery at all times



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Dec 22, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark
I didn't get a case, I went for one of the Aki-Asahi leather kits. Looks very nice and adds some grip too, and it doesn't block the battery door.

I have an Ebay charger and spare battery, no problems with it at all.


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Apr 11, 2014
tired a RX with one fitted...... still feels too small.
going to make my own one and see how i get on, mate is a expert £D printer with CNC shop etc . Fancy a mix of black Alu base plate with some exotic wood , AKA the Sonyblad !

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