Nice map apps for Android/desktop?


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Wonder if you use or know any simple apps that could do the following:

  • ("Hey I should visit that place that is an hour from my place!")
  • ("Hmm didn't know there's this monument five minutes from my work place. Probably looks nice once the flowers are in bloom.")
  • ("Gotta revisit this place in the winter!")
  • Mark that spot or draw a line over that park/building/street/whatever.
  • All these markings show on a map at once.
  • Then come a nice day, I decide to visit one of the places I've marked.
  • I can now mark that spot or line as "been there"; maybe its color changes from red to green for example. I should be able to hide either group of spots.
So it's basically a TODO app but with map markers.

Do you happen to know any? I would prefer a usecase where I would mainly draw these markers on desktop and then only consume that map on the go. Certainly wouldn't be too bad if I could make new entries on the phone.

"Google My Maps" is a strong candidate and has good Android support naturally. But the app is super minimalist and doesn't receive much development from the big G, and I am not sure if it supports hundreds of map entries once I get them accumulating. Secondly I have to manually recolor a line or spot when I mark it "done".


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Not quite what you are looking for, but when I travel, I use two apps that I find very useful: Triposo and GetYourGuide. The first is great as an integrated guidebook, and the second has proved really useful for "skip the line", high quality tours of attractions in small groups with knowledgeable local guides.


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Finland looks like the right sort of thing. It doesn’t seem to work on a tablet, but the list of features seems to match what you need.

Thank you for suggestion, but it looks like Mapfling is designed for short-term location sharing. I also suspect that this thing wouldn't hold the weight of 100+ markers.
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It would seem to me to make more sense to use a satnav app on your phone (something like Navmii or Waze both of which are free). Use Navmii and have paid for ad removal. You can set favourites and nav between them as you wish. I’m sure it would do the job for you. If you prefer a google ownd app, Waze is the go but I dont use it so no idea how it manages favourite destinations. As for mrking done or whatever... no. may as well just use a todo list.