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Being retired and into photography......what could tempt me out of my kicked back, chill pill lifestyle? What....a job involving photography.....but not too often that it feels like a job?

I had been approached by a local (Real) Estate Agent whilst I was in a coffee bar working on some photos on my ipad. He asked if I would take some shots of his new office opening party, and later asked for some shots of b&w London to hang on his walls. He and his business partner are a couple of really good guys and we clicked straight away. We then talked about me taking photos of his "High End" listings...to give them the extra oomph over normal agent shots of interior/exterior. All this for a reasonable fee.
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My wife and I have been house hunting for a couple months. I can not believe how many atrocious photos I've seen. With a home being the single largest purchase that most people will ever make, I can't believe they aren't willing to spend a relatively small amount of money to get some professional photos taken. I've actually considered approaching some listing agents with particularly horrible photos and asking if they want some help. The online listing is the first view (and very often the ONLY view) that a property will ever get. If the photos are bad, people will just move on to another one.

Let us know how you enjoy your new "job".

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