Micro 4/3 Nicholas garden Mt. Dandenong GH2-14-140


Jul 14, 2010
Took the GH2 with the 14-140 f4

RAW LR3-CS5 with Nik color efex 4

The 14-140 is quite good, actually underrated by some, lacks the last degree of sharpness but actually more than adequate.

This garden dates back to the '20's



Jul 14, 2010
James Its a nice time to go now and right up to Autumn.
Don't miss the lake while up there :)

Turn right of the main road just where the Large Conifer nursery is take the RH fork :)

Its free too :)

Glad you like the shots

Awesome photos Boyzo.

I remember seeing some photos you took while you were in the Dandenongs last year, it inspired me to get up there, I hadn't been there in ages.

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