NIK Software Workflow Example

Duane Pandorf

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Western NC
Thought I'd try out Apple Quicktime Pro's "Screen Recording" option and post my Nik Software Workflow.

A couple of caveats: This is my first time trying this and the background noise are my MacBook Pro fans running. Plus I forgot to register Silver Efex Pro before I started the recording.

Let me know what you think:



betwixt and between
Dorf, I saw this first the other day on Flickr and thought it was wonderful! Now, for some reason, try as I might I can't hear anything... I've cranked up the volume on my MacBook Pro and still nothing...and the same holds true on YouTube, whereas on Flickr all was crystal clear. I'm using Safari. Will try on Chrome, next.

P.S. Not working for me on Chrome either...and now the link here gives "An error occurred. Try again later." or words to that effect. I want to reiterate that when I watched and listend on Flickr, I thought you did it beautifully.