Leica Showcase Nikkor 10.5cm f2.5

It's the coating on the Nikkors. The coated Zeiss lenses are also better. With the uncoated telephoto's- a long hood is necessary. I made a custom one for using a J-9 on the M8, will do the same for the 8.5cm F2.


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Hi Andrew

Did you get to try the lens out yet? You should have it already by now. Let me know how you like it. I got some really awesome picture with that lens and D800.


Hopefully my new / Vince's old 105/2.5 SLR lens will look like that on the Df.


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And here is the SLR version I just purchased from Vince. 105mm f/2.5 Nikkor P on Nikon Df wide open with absolutely no post. This lens has a gorgeous rendering and the Df is quite impressive even at stratospheric ISO levels.

ISO 3200

DSC_5910 by Lawman1967, on Flickr

This one at ISO 12,800

DSC_5925 by Lawman1967, on Flickr

Again at ISO 12,800

DSC_5921 by Lawman1967, on Flickr

And again at 12,800

DSC_5919 by Lawman1967, on Flickr

And yet again at 12,800

DSC_5927 by Lawman1967, on Flickr
The 105/2.5 is my favorite lens, classic Sonnar design with the intent to render smooth out-of-focus areas. 1952, i do not think they used the term Bokeh yet. Or computers to design lenses.


i'm curious - using the M9 or M240 - with adapted Nikon Lenses (I have the 105 f2.5 and a 85 f2) would love to use them on my M9 -
does the rangefinder focusing work properly - or do you have to measure - old school? :D
Nikon made the 10.5cm F2.5 and Nikkor 8.5cm f2 in Leica mount. The F-Mount 85/2 is a different formula, the original 8.5cm f2 was made in Contax RF, Leica, and S-Mount. The 10.5cm F2.5 Sonnar formula lens was made in Leica, S-Mount, Contax RF Mount and F-Mount.

The F-Mount lenses will not RF couple, you have to guestimate the focus, or use an uncoupled Rangefinder.

The Leica version front-row, left.