Leica Showcase Nikkor 3.5cm F3.5, Leica Mount.

Kookie B.

Dec 26, 2013

Thanks for sharing this info on a common lens I think is very much overlooked. It performed better than I would have predicted. Now I guess I'll have to give my copy a try, although on a 1.5 sensor it seems to me other than its diminutive size it doesn't have much to offer that other, faster lenses bring to the table.

Ed B.


Jul 7, 2010
I'm really taken with this lens- the first one I owned was not good until F8, and now i think the focus must have been off.

OR- this one is just really, really good. When David Douglas Duncan tested Nikon lenses in 1949, he liked the 5cm f1.5, 8.5cm f2, and 13.5cm F4. The 3.5cm f3.5- I've read that he found the Leica lens to be better. That must have prompted Nikon to push the Planar formula 3.5cm F2.5. If DDD had tested THIS one, maybe things would have been different.

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