Leica Showcase Nikkor 8.5cm F2, early Leica Mount "903" series


Jul 7, 2010
I just got this lens yesterday, bought from Robert Rotoloni-

This lens is spot-on with my M9, sharp as a tack.

View attachment 8875Nikkor 8.5cm F2, Test

Nikkor 8.5cm F2, Test

This lens is from the same batch of 8.5cm f2 Nikkors that impressed David Douglas Duncan, and is responsible for him visiting the Nikon factory. He did not end up buying one, got the 5cm F1.5 and 13.5cm F4 in Leica mount.

Nikkor 8.5cm F2, Test

Color with this lens is gorgeous.

Nikkor 8.5cm F2, Test

Nikkor 8.5cm F2, Test

These are quick test shots from around the neighborhood, will get some more with it.

One note: Nikon changed the design of the barrel of the Leica mount lenses, this early lens required some of the brass to be milled out so that it would not jam up on an M-Mount camera. The M3 came out in 1954, my later "Japan" marked Leica lens has a redesigned collar to clear the release button.

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