Nikon Nikkor AF 28-85mm f3.5-4.5


Jul 7, 2010
Beautiful pictures. The third image of the men in the boat really leaps out- the clarity of color of the men and the boat against a hazy background is hard to capture.

I always liked this lens- first one traded with an N8008 for a Nikon RF that the owner was told my the camera shop- it's too old to be worth anything. That was over 20 years ago. Second one- picked up cheap, and gave it to a student.

Reminds me to look on Ebay for another one for my Df.
Edit- Found a 28~105 AF-D on Ebay at a good price, remembered that last vacation wished I had one of these. The 105 on the Df will be a bit closer to the 85mm focal length on the D90 that you used you the picture of the boat. I paid over $400 for the first 28~85 Af-Nikkor for my N8008, almost 30 years ago.
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