Leica Showcase Nikon 10.5cm F2.5 Nikkor-PC LTM


Jul 4, 2013
You just convinced me to buy one. Just got it out if eBay for 230 GBP. Loved the bokeh. Hope I can manage to get some of that in my photos.


Hall of Famer
Apr 3, 2013
an Amedeo adapter runs $300 or so. You would be better to get the LM version. If you ever run into an LTM lens with bad glass, the optics module unscrews from the S-Mount and would go into the LTM focus mount.


Aug 9, 2013
Bakersfield, CA
So I have offers for a 10.5 LTM in outstanding condition on RFF for $425 and an 8.5cm f/2 LTM MIOJ on GetDPI for $375, also in outstanding condition. The 10.5 comes with the M adapter, though that doesn't really matter. If I can only afford one and bokeh fanatic that I am, which would you recommend?

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