Manual Lens Nikon 100mm F2.8E


gee aahrr
Los Angeles
A nice compact 100mm F2.8 lens that was designed to be a value option. Wasn't allowed to carry the Nikkor name with its plasticky build.
Which actually translates well to this modern mirrorless age being lighter and cheaper. My copy is sharp but needs a few stops for out of camera contrast.
It was also a gift long ago from an old friend at the Nikon Cafe and has lasted through countless system changes.
Today it's a 150mm equivalent. On the X-H1 with a CP.
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Maybe this lens goes under the radar as it's relegated to many of us in favour of those lovely and infamous Nikkor Ai/AI-S 105mm lenses. In simple terms, it looks to me in it's rendering just like the 50mm F1.8 E pancake. And that's a great thing.