Nikon Nikon 18-35 D

Harry Cutts

Jun 6, 2017
Huddersfield UK
I recently acquired a Nikon D700 FF for a very good price with only 18K shutter actuations, I also picked up an 18-35 f3.5/4.5 D lens to satisfy my wide angle fetish :) I know it's getting on but the results are fantastic.
Anyone else still shooting with these oldies? Please share as I couldn't find anything in the Nikon forum thread.

DSC_4608 by Harry Cutts, on Flickr

DSC_4600 by Harry Cutts, on Flickr


Feb 6, 2015
Central Ohio, USA
I feel that is an under appreciated lens. If I were not shooting the Z6, I would most likely have this lens. That plus the fact that the local camera store had a used Tamron 17-35 for a great price had me go that direction. Optically, I was indifferent between the 2.

Enjoy the wide side! :)

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