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Stopped by the camera store today, have not been there for a while looking for anything in particular...but I wanted to see if they had a manual focus 200/4 or 135/2.8. They had both!

I was hoping that the 200/4 would be the AI version, but not today. Price seemed OK and I wanted to try it out, so pulled the trigger. Glass was not perfect, but I've used worse with little to no ill effects - usually just worse flair performance.

So why the 200/4? While I love to use the Nikon 180/2.8 ED AIS, there are times when I don't need the f/2.8 or want to bring that size of a lens along. I heard good things about the 200/4. I used to own the 200/4 Q version and it performed well, but was very long.

This is an example of the lens that I got.
From this site.

I did not get much "trigger" time with it on the Nikon Df today and I may try and work with it again here soon on the Z6.

It was lunch time pretty soon after purchase, and got this image. Uncropped, and just a lightly massaged JPG from the Df.

I'm a fan of the bokeh here and in good light, f/4 is a good base to start anyway. I still need to shoot with it more and see how it compares to simialr shots against the 180/2.8 ED AIS.


Anyone else have thoughts on this lens? Would love to hear them!! :)
Share your images here too!!


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Pretty sure it’ll be the same optically as the 135mm ais in which case you’re laughing. The only reason I didn’t get the same Nikkor is that I already bought a pristine 200mm F4 Takumar for peanuts. Having that as well as the Nikkor for me would be overload.

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