Nikon commercials...


Huntsville, AL
So, I've seen quite a few nikon commercials with Ashton in them. At the end of the commercial there is always this saying "the lens makes them a nikon". What exactly does that mean? I've played with a few nikon cameras before. I even was close to buying a compact camera a few years ago until I two of them had really bad lens decentering problems and I ended up getting a Canon A560.

So exactly how is this an effective marketing statment? Its not like their quality they put into their SLR lenses is going to be the same as they do with their P&S. Arguably over the years, Panasonic has put some exceptional lenses in their P&S cameras such as the LXx and the FZ50 cameras.


Los Angeles
It's a commercial- it doesn't have to make sense! ;)

This is not unlike liquor makers (Smirnoff, Bacardi, etc.) touting their malt beverage drinks on the brand name of their vodka or rum, except all these drinks are just cheap malt liquor drinks. Well, that's a bit extreme example since as you say there are some very good lenses to be found in compact digicams.