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Thanks Ray. I'm a pixel peeper ... born this way ... can't help it! :)

The X100's files are also sharper than the X100S/XPro1/XE1. I also tend to use JPG only on the X100 and XPro1/XE1 (when I had the latter two). I'm just perplexed when some folks and Fuji talk about super detail sharpness as one of the strongest merits of the X-Trans sensor. Wondering if I'm missing something that others are seeing.

Maybe some of us (including me) have been so used with the fat pixels of a 12mp camera, and how it responds to post-processing especially on sharpening?

RT Panther

Price aside,
It's got the D7000/D5100 sensor.....

Bring back price....
Needs faster glass to even come close to justifying the price.....

Speaking of justifying price, then there's the Sigma DP Merrill series.....with only the ƒ2.8 lenses....

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