Nikon Showcase Nikon Coolpix S02 mini-camera - color landscape/water.



Taken at sunset, resized to reduce artifacts. f3.3, 1/250 handheld, ISO 125.



Wow, your popping up all over - this is a lovely photo. Not sure why it's so tiny but when one clicks on it, it looks great, Dale!

Thanks - the posting logic that was given to me by the admin of a Leica forum is for forums that don't require files to be strictly local to the forum. DPReview and PhotoCamel are two examples of those that require local files, or at least try to insist on it. For all others, a generic url/img logic that uses my thumbnail on my website plus the image it points to is what makes up this post here. So it's generic and works a lot of places, by some magic or other. Posting on several forums isn't a problem because the traffic on my posts is low ("sniff"), he said while wiping a tear.

The interesting things about the S02 have important implications for all of us who use secondary cameras when the big one isn't on our shoulder or in the backpack - there's a real struggle at the mfr's over what will be a compact camera going forward, and people who beat up on any given mfr. for what they produce will see big changes coming anyway.

Plus this is a good exercise in making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, to use an expression that will likely be lost on younger readers. Hopefully what I learn here can carry forward into better photo processing skills.


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I'm 100% with you on so many levels, Dale. One of my best and "favoritest" photographs was taken on a Canon Elph from many years ago - and it is crystal clear and printed beautifully.

As for the expression "making a silk purse out of a sow's ear" - it's wonderfully expressive!

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