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Since I enjoy my Jupiter 3 so much on the Leica, I thought I'd give another Ukrainian lens a try. This one is a Helios 81N on the Nikon Df. The Helios 81N is a very compact 50mm f/2 with a native Nikon F mount (AIS) that cost all of $60 in like-new condition. Its about the same size as my Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Series E (another gem), but as a much more interesting render.

Helios 81N mounted on Nikon Df. Shot with Leica X Vario at 70mm

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And now some images captured on the Df with the Helios 81N, all shot wide-open except for the Leica M5 porno shot, taken at f/2.8

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And a selfie to close things out

_DSC7539.jpg by Lawman1967, on Flickr


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Gosh, I know you like Russian lenses and have vast experience working with them. I just don't know if for 60$ it just doesn't make sense to get the Nikkor series E lens and be done with it.

Somehow I missed the M5 porno....can you repost it ? It did not display.


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Sense! I explained to my wife that me having camera gear was like her having jewelry.

I have a Series-E 36~72/3.5, but prefer the Nikkor 43~86/3.5. I have as many F-Mount lenses as Leica mount, prefer the manual focus- but even have some Af lenses.

Andrew- can you put the M5 pictures back up?


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Reminds me....I have another J8 incoming. I suspect it will need some love. Had to have a second one for my mini M's.


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That's all you got.....31 years of marriage and you are retired? Try 38 and no end in sight.

However, everyone here is tickled pink you are doing what you do.


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That is very interesting.....I spent some time at the Radiologic branch of AFIP in ?1980. Ahh, the good old days. No cameras, no worries.