Nikon Nikon F4 viewfinder thread - DK-19 fit like a DK-2?


Probably Not Walter Kernow
Picked up a Nikon F4 a few months back and now I'm keen to run a roll through it. View-finder is missing the rubber ring on the eye-piece - those actually seem pretty rare and pricey. But I'd be happy with a DK-2 (also seemingly rare and pricey). DK-19's seem to have cheaper off-brand options - anyone know if these fit the screw in ring - did Nikon keep this pretty standard through their range of Pro cameras (DK-17 seems like another option which is highly regarded with the maginification but no real budget options)?

If anyone has a cheap source for Nikon viewfinder eye-cups or rings that fit an F4 feel free to ping a link my way.