Nikon Files Patent Applications for Two Compact System Camera Zoom Lenses


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Nikon has filed a patent application for 10-30mm f/3.3-5.6 (28-84mm equivalent) and 7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 (20-36mm equivalent) interchangeable lenses:


I've had a hard time buying rumors that Nikon will introduce a 2.x crop CSC, but that rumor is slowly building traction.

Source: Nikon Rumors


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That's fascinating 2.6 crop? Does that make the sensor something like 1" (bigger than the old Olympus E10) - half way between the XZ1 and 4/3
around 13mm x 10mm whereas 4/3 is 17x13, and the Xz1 is around 8 x 6
Scroll down to table of sensor sizes
So - this could have both decent image quality and be pretty small.

I'd say this was a really sensible move on their part, and very interesting indeed

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The rumors have put the crop at somewhere between 2.6x and 2.8x crop, which would indeed be somewhere between current small sensor cameras (>4x crop) and MFT (slightly less than 2x crop). Will be very interesting to see what kinds of lenses they can mate to such a system. Perhaps some auto-extending collapsible pancakes? A truly pocketable CSC seems possible.