Nikon Nikon J1 or Nikon J3??


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Jul 13, 2014
Evening guys,

I have the option (2 different sellers) of buying either a J1 or a J3. They are being offered at the same price. Which one should I go for??

I've heard pros and cons for both. The J3 has panoramic features, live screenshot, better user interface. But I've also heard that it doesn't take shots as well - images don't seem as colourful and true as much as the J1. Is this true? I've heard some people saying that the J3 can be seen as a step backwards from the J1.

Can anyone help me? Same price for either. So... J1 or J3?

Look forward to hearing your opinions....



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Aug 25, 2010
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IMHO you need a viewfinder

I have just bought a second used V1 body, (less than £150), as a back up …….. I use it so much

V1 with kit lens

V1 with Nikon 300mm f4

with Nikon 300mm prime and TC



May 11, 2014
Agreed. I cannot fathom a camera without a viewfinder but since the OP was selecting between two without viewfinders....

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