Nikon P500 (addicted to)


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The Netherlands
You think the P500 is a good choice as a super zoom camera?
Which serious photographer uses this kind of camera?
Can it compete with a low entry DSLR?
Psst dont tell: Im addicted to...wrong...super


Such bridge cameras are very handy, because you can do so much with them. They offer a huge range of focal lengths from wide angle to super tele and it offers macro without the need to change lenses and to carry much weight with you. You might never want to carry the weight of the lenses you need to cover the same focal length with an entry level DSLR all the time, but you will surely be able to do that with such a bridge camera the whole day without getting tired. If the light is good for base ISO, you will most probably get good image quality, but since bridge cameras still have small sensors to be able to cover such a broad range of focal lengths in such a small package, bridge cameras can't compete in image quality with much heavier gear in critical situations (higher ISO, for example). Convenience has its price.
I have a Panasonic FZ100 and I have been as disappointed with that as I was when I had a P100. I'm given to understand theres some improvement in the sensor for the P500 but because of my P100 experiences am reluctant to go again. I have a bit of a hankering for the Fuji HS20EXR, simply because it uses the same sensor as I have in my F550, and I have been so pleased with the output from that. Its a big zoom and a big lens (manual zoom/focus) which makes it heavier than most other bridge cameras, but its still much lighter (about 730gm) than the average dslr once lenses are added. A good compromise, I'm thinking, and not as expensive as some.

General comment about bridge cameras: smaller sensor so you won't get the same kind of output as you get from a dslr or m4/3 but you do get manual controls, an EVF and light weight. And with the "right" camera, some pretty startling shots.