Nikon Nikon S800c - first Android-operated camera from a larga manufacturer!


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Saw this in my email via B&H. I was looking to see if you could call and I believe you're right, no can do. Really how hard would it be to add the android touch dialer in the software, a little receiver at one end of the back and little speaking holes at the other. Sooooo close!


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I wonder if XDA developers is already planning to root this camera. Probably, just to have bragging rights. :biggrin: Nikon is getting closer to the socially-connected camera. It probably would have added another level of complexity to support a 3G/4G connection (which bands/carriers) and forced them to develop a phone which really isn't their core competency. It's just as well; they have their hands full just supporting the D800 launch and focus issues. What would be cool is that you take a perfectly good photo with this camera and can now Instagram the heck out of it to look like you used a Holga. <sarcasm filter off> :p