Nikon Nikon V1 and J1 pre release mini review - YES! I had a play!!

London UK
Managed to blag 10 mins playing with the V1 and J1 yesterday. They were production models so will be what we're getting. I spent most of my time with the V1. The viewfinder is bright and really nice quality. The body is quite heavy for such a small camera. It's quite thick and obviously made of plastic or some sort of composite material. It is heavier than it looks. The thing that grabs you 1st is how well made it feels. It really feels like a precision piece of engineering. The rear screen is clear and high quality, not up to NEX std but very good never the less. The menu system has been totally re vamped and takes a little getting used to to find stuff. Some of the buttons are a little odd like there is a up-down toggle switch and an quick menu 'F' button. Most of the functions are in the menu and easy enough to find. The sensor looks pretty small but not nearly as small as the Pentax Q which is Tiny! The lenses look well made and are again very small. It's quite a nice camera to handle feeling solid and well weighted in your hand.

Now the bad bit.... Image quality! I have taken some shot's with it and have had a look at them in Lightroom. I'm not impressed. OK the light outside wasn't great but at ISO 100 the images look quite noisy. It's possible that it's not noise and if that's the case then it's very poor dynamic range. You can see blocking in subtle tone changes which i have not seen before. I compared images taken on the same day with a GF3 and Oly 45mm f1.8 and the images from the Oly were spot on. The lens on the V1 was the 10mm prime so should have been pretty good but alas it wasn't.

The camera may well shine in decent light and I am Pixel Peeping so if you don't pixel peep then I'm sure the V1/J1 will be fine but for the price you can get the G3 with kit lens, a 20mm prime and possibly the 14-45mm used for the same price!!

I'll pop an image example up when I get a bit of time.