Fuji NJ Wedding Photographer uses FUJI X100


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Oct 17, 2010
Dallas, TX
Hmmmmm, interesting.
I like working with light and low key gear though I am no wedding photographer it is a demanding assignment and he appears to have carried it off with aplomb!


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May 7, 2011
Interesting review and sample photos. I used a E-P1 & 20mm last summer without a flash for night time party. Flash was in the guest room so I couldn't have it with me. I got very good candid shots, but noise wasn't as great for uneven lighted areas when I pushed the raw images. Interestingly they all came very nicely when I print the 5x8's. The official photographer took the group shots and I had the candid shots. Of course best one was from my candid shot, my 5yr nephew's smile when dancing with a the future bride, maybe:)
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