Leica No forum for M mount lenses?

Apr 2, 2018
I noticed we have a "Leica Cameras" subforum and then a "Leica Showcase" subforum... nowhere to be seen is a Leica/M-mount lens subforum.

There's a "Manual lenses" forum but it's not active; yet I wouldn't necessarily ask any questions on Leica lenses over there. What gives?


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Apr 3, 2013
We've combined and reorganized the forums and changed owners in the last few months.

As we have Mirrorless users- I requested the Manual Focus Lens forum, and have posted there.

Feel free to ask questions there about any Manual focus lens, or here for Leica M-Mount, Leica Thread Mount, or lenses that can easily be adapted to Leica using adapters such as the Amedeo adapter for Contax RF to Leica Mount.

I tend to "focus" on vintage glass, especially with lower-cost lenses.

I organized some of the showcase threads on lenses into this one spot:

SHOWCASE Links -under construction-

Feel free to bring any of them to the surface if you have questions.

The "Leicaplace" Cheap Lens Award goes to the $9 Industar-26M.

Showcase - Industar-26m, 5cm F2.8, early Tabbed version

But the judge is biased- another lens made in 1957.


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Apr 3, 2013
The 35/2 is an interesting design- a modified Sonnar type lens, which is no easy task to pull off for a full-frame rangefinder camera.
Someday I'll give in and pick one up. The 50/1.1 7Artisans is on my M9 now.

Please post a Showcase Thread for the 35/2, we do not have one.


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Jan 19, 2015
I joined the L-Camera forum but it's huge(!). Also joined Rangefinderforum.com - that's a very useful forum, but not as smooth a site as this one. I'd much rather engage here and there's certainly enough Leica users amongst us. And there's lots to discuss. At the minute, I'm thinking about those Canon LTM lenses, very cheap, can't possibly be rubbish and how they compare to to the summicrons. Also, just how uneasy is it using those longer focal length lenses on M Mount (135mm sounds like a nightmare!) And so on. What about the voigt 35mm F1.4? Merely enquiring how that rates compared to a very old and expensive pre asph Summilux of the same focal length and aperture would be considered sacrilege and merely dismissed on some L forums. This is a place where I feel that a conversation can be had, a place to cut through the badge wearing. There's a guy (a nice guy too) on L-Camera forum who always starts his posts "I have two M10s" before he says anything. I've been on this forum long enough to know that sort of thing should never be an issue here.


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Apr 3, 2013
With the Canon LTM Lenses: the later lenses in Black, vs chrome, used a newer type of high-refractive index/low dispersion glass. It was susceptible to damage from the oil on each side of the aperture outgassing. Most of the fog can be cleaned off, but there can be damage to the coating, and even etching to the glass. I've seen a lot of that. With that stated- the lenses are great, the Canon 50/1.4 is the reason why Leica came out with the improved Summilux. Be sure to have an inspection period for the Canon lenses.

I have a lot of Canon LTM lenses- 5cm f2, 50/1.9, 50/1.8, 50/1.5, 50/1.4, 85/1.5, 100/4, 100/3.5, 100/2, 135/4, 135/3.5. (notice how I did not start the post with this...) They are all clean, all good. The 100/3.5 was badly fogged, a forum friend sent me two of them to use for parts after he was told they were so damaged that it was not worth opening up to give an estimate. They cleaned up far better than I had hoped, I sent him back the one he had bought 40 years ago and kept the other. BUT- I've also had Canon lenses with etched glass and permanent "Finger prints" in the front surface. The 85/1.5 is very under-rated, I got it for $400. Try to find a Leica or Nikkor 85/1.5 for that. The other modestly priced LTM lenses are the old Minolta line.

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