Fuji Noise Levels with X-T3 with High ISOs in Low Light


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Mar 2, 2015
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Fujifilm X-T3

Noise Levels with X-T3 with High ISOs in Low Light

Just wondering for people that had the X-T2 and Upgraded to the X-T3 and their opinions of the Image Quality with RAW Files...

My findings is the the Images have more noise on the X-T3...

Love the X-T3 - Upgraded from the X-T2

But is Anyone Else Noticing More Noise in their Images on their X-T3 Especially in Low Light Shooting?
Noise Level starts from 3200 ISO and up...

It seems that the noise is more amplified on the X-T3 than the X-T2.

I shoot in low light live dance performances which is not easy but it looks like the X-H1 handles low light much better than the X-T3.

Sometimes I wondering if it's me or the camera...

Though I've done a couple of shoots with the X-T3 with same results of high level of noise ever since I got the camera on release day and never got the high noise levels from the X-T2 and the X-H1 performs better in low light than the X-T3...

Depends on the acceptance of the level of noise from person to person I guess...

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