Sony Noktor 50mm f/0.95 for NEX coming soon!


You get what you pay for, and you keep good lenses far longer than cheap ones.
I generally agree with you. However there are needs and wants.

A Honda Accord will get you around town just fine, however a Ferrari will do it in style.

Is this lens, or any lens worth this much? It all depends on your wants and needs. I personally would never spend more than $500.00 on a lens, but also see that there are slight differences as you get into more expensive lenses.

I personally have never paid more than $35.00 for a lens and am quite pleased, (thank you EBay and Amazon). Are they perfect? I am sure if you are one of those that blows up every picture and examines every pixel they fall short of more expensive lenses. However for my needs they are just fine. Just as as much as I would love a Ferrari, the Accord does me just fine.


Nov 7, 2010
Morris County, NJ
The Noktor is just a re branded CCTV lens. Definitely not worth the price they are asking. You NEX guys are better off waiting for a Voigtander, if they ever put one out.
Jul 17, 2010
Just use a adapter to go from Sony E-mount to Leica M-mount, and use all the great Voigtländer M-mount lenses already here! I use my NEX with these lenses from 12mm up to 90mm, including a 50mm f1.1 and a 75mm f1.8. They are stellar. Feel free to check my website for images.


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