Announcement Nominate an image for the front page!


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Reply to this thread with a link to any thread you would like to nominate to be featured on our site front page.

Please note that only the first post of the thread will be shown on the front page.
On our front page we feature some of the incredible images that our Cameraderie community members share. Reply to this thread to nominate an image from the forums to be inlcuded on the front page!

With our current software we can include any image from any post from any thread in the forums! 😎 Just share a link to the thread or post and one our volunteer moderators will take care of the rest. If there are multiple images, be sure to say which image. ;)
Bump - feel free to point out images to us moderators (PM if necessary!) that you consider worth featuring on the front page. It's important to spread the word, too - or else only what I see and like may get featured, and that's definitely not a desirable thing!


I hope I can suggest one of yours as well.
If it didn't come up before.... all of the members of our outstanding team of volunteer moderators have access to add featured images on the front page and all Cameraderie community members can be nominated including the 'mods.

I'm really appreciative of people posting nominations and for the 'mods featuring images, if it was left up to just me then the front page would be likely filled with nothing but images from the Dogs thread! 🤣